I’m a NYC-based travel photographer, photo-expeditions leader, multimedia teacher, and a pontificator. All material is ©2011-2014 Tewfic El-Sawy, except if stated.

Oh, and a blogger too:! The Travel Photographer blog.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous

    this is just what i feel about
    some of the pictures are good but not that level that we see some yours images in book covers ,what i feel that all pictures is photoshop but is too much ,by due to this we lost the interest of a subjects or photography ……… or

  2. Andrew Graeme Gould

    I’ve only just discovered this other blog of your, Tewfic, and I’m very pleased that I have. I’ve been through all the galleries. These images have something about them that makes each and every one feel just right! All the best…

  3. ken and agnes photoworks

    hi tewfic,

    i just came across your post on tet thrung thu. Coincidentally, i was also there for work the couple of days leading to the big day, and had the opportunity to walkabout and do some photography in the evenings. i only brought along the 18-55mm, had to make the most with low shutter speed/high iso settting in low light conditions.

    very best regards,

  4. tewfic el-sawy Post author

    thanks KAP. i’ve viewed your wordpress site but haven’t found your Hanoi’s pics. best wishes. tewfic

  5. tewfic el-sawy Post author

    thank you Stephen. i really like both of them equally…both have their quirks and advantages…i prefer the M9 for street monochrome work, and the X Pro for color candid street photography…that’s generally speaking. when i travel, and have the time with my subject, i probably would use the M9…i have the time to think about the light, the focus etc. Best, Tewfic

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